Women and Social Media Marketing Trending Up In 2011

At AskPatty.com we are very committed to educating the auto industry that women are not a diversity or niche market and how to build relationships with women offline and online, including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Women are the vast majority of  aftermarket customers, yet that message in the Aftermarket falls on deaf ears.

Is the jury still out in your mind as to whether social media matters in business? If so, a recent survey might make you change your mind. In fact, it may cause you to re-think your entire marketing outreach, especially if you do market to women.

A recent study found that 42 million women in the United States (roughly 53% of the 79 million adult women in the United States who use the Internet) participate in social media at least weekly. As they spend more time with social media, women are spending correspondingly less time with traditional media: 39% less on newspapers, 36% less time reading magazines, and 30% less time watching TV.

That’s according to a recent social media survey by BlogHer, the women’s blog network, along with iVillage and Compass Partners.

To understand her power to influence review the entire study from BlogHer.com and Partners on what women are doing in social media , online and the power of blogs in women’s purchasing decisions.

It’s should be no shock that men and women act differently online, just as they do in everyday life. The Web is an extremely social medium, and Web 2.0 is all about being social. Traditionally, men are the early adopters of new technologies. But when it comes to social media, women are at the forefront.  Rapleaf conducted a study of 13.2 million people and how they’re using social media. While the trends indicate both sexes are using social media in huge numbers, their findings show that women far outpace the men.

Social media marketing is mostly uncharted territory for most aftermarket companies and an untapped opportunity to grow your business with women who are the most influential and powerful brand ambassadors in social media.

Jody DeVere
President and CEO

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