Women and Social Media Marketing Trending Up In 2011

At AskPatty.com we are very committed to educating the auto industry that women are not a diversity or niche market and how to build relationships with women offline and online, including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Women are the vast majority of  aftermarket customers, yet that message in the Aftermarket falls on deaf…
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Creating a Child Friendly Waiting Area

Waiting rooms are for waiting.  That’s something we adults are accustomed to doing.  At the doctor’s office, at the DMV, and yes – at the auto and tire shop.  Generally speaking, as long as we don’t feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, we adults don’t mind waiting a little bit for good work.  Plush furniture, a plasma…
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Jody DeVere AskPatty.com CEO to Give Sunday Morning Keynote During Vision Hi-Tech 3/6

Understanding how to communicate more effectively with women is the cornerstone on how to increase market-share or better yet, ROW (Return on Women). Women are relational buyers and men are transactional buyers. Jody DeVere CEO of the AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendly Program will share valuable insights and best practices where the rubber really meets the…
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What Non-Verbal Messages Are You Sending Women?

How can your business improve non-verbal communication skills with women customers and create a better overall experience. Reputation management and creating positive word-of-mouth with women begins and ends with how effectively you communicate with her verbally and non-verbally during her entire experience with your business.