Auto Body and Paint Quiz

Questions and Answers

I have several questions that I received online.  Take this quick quiz to see if have the same answer I did.


1.  Is it a standard to use epoxy primer in USA?  No wash primer?

(This question was asked from one of my videos demonstrating how to apply epoxy primer)

A.  No, wash primer is not recommended on bare metal.

B.  Yes, wash primer can be used on bare metal if preferred.

C.  Wash primer is not allowed in the USA.


2.  Why wash it if you are going to sand it? Makes no sense at all.

(This question was asked from a video explaining how to prep a surface to be airbrushed.)

A.  Good point, you really do not need to wash the surface until it is ready to spray.

B.  You should always wash the surface before sanding or any other type of prepping.

C.  Washing it not that big of a deal, it’s all in the spraying technique that is important.


3. So… how much time & money is spent on repainting?

(This question was asked from a video demonstration how to repair a front fender.)

A.  If it can be repaired, you should always repair rather than replace.

B.  Paintless dent repair is always the best solution.

C.  Even though the dent can be repaired, it may be better to replace it.


4.  What kind of sandpaper should be used for getting a car ready for paint?

(This question was asked  from a video demonstrating how to final sand by hand wet sanding.

A.  Use the finest sanpaper possible, as the point is to get the surface as smooth as you can.  1500 to 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper should work fine.

B.  Use the coarsest sandpaper that will not leave sand marks after painting the surface.  The point is to rough the surface with the least amount of effort.

C.  If the paint is in excellent condition, there is no need to sand.  Just clean and spray.


5.  After doing the bondo work I’ve come to this stage where I should spray the primer.  Do I spray the epoxy first?

A.  Epoxy should alway be applied before applying primer surfacer.

B.  Epoxy is only applied before primer surfacer when there is metal.

C.  Epoxy primer is the only primer needed.  After spraying it, allw it to dry and block sand it.


6.  I primed mine, and after 2 coats of primer i still can see scratches, What can I do??

A.  Sand all the primer off and redo the repair.

B.  Go ahead and block sand the primer surfacer.  If the scratches are still there, re-prime and block again.

C.  Keep applying primer coat until the scratches disappear.