Preparing Your Resume’ – Will It Ever Be Read?

It’s time for students to start getting ready for the world of work.  They’ve spent hours in training awaiting graduation so they can go make their mark in the world.  May is almost here graduation is approaching, now what?

One of the first thing students will need to do is to prepare their resume’ for potential employers to see.  Hours may be spent crafting the perfect resume’ spotlighting all of the student’s abilities and knowledge.  However, all of this training, knowledge, the and resume’ is useless, if it’s never read.

Just because you prepare a resume’ does not mean an employer will see your credentials according to this study.  Your resume’ can be thought of as a speech.  Don’t they say, it not what you say, but how you say it?

A resume’ is all about looks.  It’s not about what you write, but how it looks.  This study shows that it must be clear and easy to read.  If it is a page crammed full of words, it may not be read.  It’s what you say in 6 seconds that counts.  Read the full article and think about it before preparing your resume’. Read The Full Article Here

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