DIY How To Hand Wash A Car To Prevent Scratches and Swirl Marks in Paint Finish


Jacob and Jordan Smith are demonstrating how to hand wash a car. This is a basic process, but many cars are scratched due to improper washing. Here Are A Few Step To Help Prevent Scratching and Damaging The Paint 1. Always wash the wash mitt and bucket before washing the car. 2. Rinse the car first to remove much of the dirt. 3. Wash jambs first to prevent smearing grime on the clean surface. And use a different mitt and bucket for this process. 4. Some people prefer to clean the interior last, but if you do this first, you will not risk getting dirt landing on the clean paint surface. 6. Start and top and work towards the bottom. 7. Use low pressure during you final rinse stage. This will allow the water to bead up and roll of resulting in less drying. 8. Dry the car. This is just a few basic steps, but will prevent you from dragging dirt on the paint surface with our mitt causing scratched or swirl marks in the paint finish.


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