OC Choppers Custom Motorcycle – Charley

As part of the new Orange County Choppers and WyoTech partnership, OCC is building a custom motorcycle and enlisting the help of our students & grads! WyoTech grad Charley Sikes talks about his time at WyoTech and being chosen for this project. Charley specializes in Motorcycle Technology and was selected by his instructors/campus admins to participate in this special custom motorcycle project. “I hope to find an opportunity to present some of my WyoTech knowledge to Orange County Choppers,” Charley said. He recently traveled to New York to visit and work at the Orange County Chopper headquarters. There, he worked side-by-side with WyoTech student Mathew Shephard and OC Chopper employees on the custom motorcycle assembly. Watch for WyoTech on “American Chopper” on the Discovery Channel this Fall!

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