DIY Tip For Bending Sheet Metal Without A Metal Brake

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I found this video of Stacey David from Gearz that I thought some of you do it yourself car enthusiasts may find interesting.  Stacey demonstrates a technique of how to bend a sheet of metal using a vise and 2×4’s.  I have never tried this method, but if you don’t have a metal brake, this may work fine.

There are many ways to get the job done without having all of the tools.  Sure, the tools may make it easier and quicker, but there is usually another way to get it done.  So if you are not interested in this type of work as a hobby due to the cost of tool, stop letting that be a barrier.  If you are willing to put a little more effort and time working on your ride, you can find other ways, as demonstrated in this video, to get the job done.

Tips For Using an English Wheel

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There are a lot of uses for the english wheel.  If you fabricate parts with compound curves, such as motorcycle tanks or some rust repair panels, this comes in handy.  This is a quick video demonstrating what an english wheel is and a few basic tips when using it.

Bending Metal With A Brake

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This is a quick video demonstrating how to bend metal when you are using a metal brake.

How To Use A Metal Shrinker and Stretcher 

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This video demonstrates how a metal shrinker/stretcher works.  This is useful when fabricating flanged parts.  I’ve personally found this useful when fabricated wheel opening parts.

There are many other tools that can be used for metal work, such as a sandbag and mallet.  However, don’t let what you don’t have stand in your way.  There may be alternative ways, like Stacey David demonstrated in the first video.  The important thing is to try.  Like the saying goes, “If there is a will, there is a way.”

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