How To Custom Paint Your Motorcycle – Introduction


How To Custom Paint Your Motorcycle

Part 1 – Intorduction

I recently requested your feedback on the new website and I had many e- mails with a lot of great ideas.  Some of the requests was to provide training and resources in speciality areas.  One member requested restoration and metal shaping.  Another member requested how to custom paint motorcycles.

There were many other suggestions, which I will post about in other posts.  Anyway, I got the message that you want more DIY training than the training (specifically for a career) that I have been focused on.  While my focus is on helping provide training to prepare for a collision repair career, I understand it is important to listen to my readers (you) and provide content for you to keep coming back.

Therefore, I am going to start looking for resources and others to help me do this.  There is no way for me personally to create all of the videos for the specialized training.  But I am a good researcher and I can find relevant videos and resources to hook you up.  So, I am going to start posting tips, videos, resources and steps to help you on your training.  If you specialize in these areas and would like to post some how-to articles or videos, let me know.  I would be glad to have you help out.

How To Paint A Motorcycle

In addition to your request, I actually have many students that are interested in painting motorcycles too.  So let’s talk motorcycles!

You will use all of the basic skills that I have taught you for painting.  However, there are some things that differ.  The parts are smaller and require less space to paint, but special attention must be taken to detail.  This is because most of the cycle folks take a lot of pride in their bikes and want top notch work done.  Not only flawless work, many cycles have a lot of airbrush work.  If you like to spend extra time on detail and you like airbrushing, than this may be your cup of tea.

One advantage is you will use less paint material.  Therefore, you can use some of the custom paint like House of Kolors without breaking the bank.  The custom paints and special effects will go a long way when painting motorcycles.

I will be posting more about painting motorcycles in upcoming posts.  This article is basically the introduction.  While I did not find a good video to post for this I did find a resource for you.  If you want to get a head start you can learn more about it at How To Custom Paint Your Motorcycle. Otherwise, check back as I will be posting more about this topic soon.  Check back often, as I am going to start posting about some of the other topics as well.  I will be looking for some great stuff to share with you.

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  1. Hello im new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself, im a bike builder in florida and love it, lots of fun and lots of cool ass people to hang out with . Anyways thanks for allowing me to join the forum.


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