Producing Champions In The Collision Repair Industry

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Donnie Smith here, and I am glad that you are considering a career in collision repair.  I am a lead collision repair instructor and have been passionate about cars for many years.  I have some very useful information for you to consider when selecting a career pathway.  Before you jump into any career, it is a good idea to do a little research to determine if the career will be a fit for you or not.

Step 1

First thing, we need to determine if this career is a fit for you.  To get started click the link below.

Step 2

One of the most common questions about a career is how much you will make. While I believe it is more important to put you interest first, income is important too. Step 2 I am going to provide you with reason why you may want to consider collision repair over other career pathways, and yes, what you can expect to earn. So let’s get straight to it. Click the link below to learn more.

Step 3

I provided you some career information about how much you can expect to make and how to select a school.  Today I wanted to give you a little insight of another career this training can lead to.

To learn about making a career from writing auto estimates, visit the link below.

Step 3 – Explore Options 

Step 4

Take a look at what all may be involved in a collision repair education.  What does it take and what will you learn?  Learn the in’s and out’s of a Collision Repair Education.  Just click the link below…

Step 5

I have provided you with different career pathways this training offers.  This should have given you an idea if this is a fit for you.  Now you may want help to find a school to attend.  You are in luck, cause’ I have information for NATEF accredited schools in many different locations.

Ready to learn about the different programs?  They have videos of each of the programs explaining what they have to offer you.  Click below to check it out.

Step 6

Once you have found a school you need to have the right attitude and pursue your training like a champion.

Step 7

Once properly trained, it’s time to get a job…that is what all it’s about after all!

Step 8

Many technicians eventually start their own body shop business.  Here are a few step and options for you to consider.
Step 8 – Entrepreneurship 

Getting Started With Free Online Training

Do you want test this career to see if it’s a fit for you? I have free online training ready for you….just click and learn.

  • AUTO BODY BOOT CAMP – This is 8 free training videos that will teach you the basics to auto body and paint.
New Show – I have a new show you may find interesting.  This is not really career related, but you may be interested to learn what auto products work and which ones don’t.  With all of the hype out there, it’s hard to know.  I am going to be testing products, tools, tips, and tricks to see if they work for me or not.  This show is to inform the end consumers which products are a good purchase and which products they should probably save their money on.  Check it out and let me know what you think.
Becoming a Champion in the Workplace – This is the work skills that are often overlooked or not even taught at schools.  However, these are the most requested skills requested from the work industry.  You master these skills, and you will never be unable to find a job.  Please note: you will need this password to gain access to the training.  password: worksuccess
PS. This page is a work in progress.  As I find additional information I will update the site.  Question….did you find what you were looking for?  I am open to your suggestions.  Let me know what kind of information you are looking for and I will get busy finding it for you.