Tips How To Smoke Tail Lights That Look Better Than Any Kits or Tint You Buy – This DIY How-To video will show you how to smoke or tint your tail lights. This is a simple method, but does require a spray gun and a little spraying knowledge. However, the end result is a tinted tail light, which allows the light to shine bright when lights are on. This also leaves a shinny new look when completed correctly. Be sure to check with your local laws before tinting your tail lights, as several states have a low or no tint law, as in California.


  1. Hi I’ve try this method on headlight without the black in the clear coat ,and the plastic starts to wrinkle when dry ,why?we polished the headlight of scratches ,so Im trying to put back the uv protect by applying clear coat .thank s for the great advice,looking forward to your answer.

  2. Barry Hiatt says:

    Good video… first mistake was placing the taillights face down. In our business that will cost a tech money if they are scratched. Always place them on a surface back side down!!

  3. Thanks for the advice!


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