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I challenge you to read this book to learn more about what auto estimating is about!


Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone who is interested to learn the process of generating an auto repair estimate.  With just several hours of your time reading the book, you will have an understanding of how it’s done.  Anyone who is considering a career in auto estimating, a student in a collision repair program, dreaming of opening your own shop someday, wanting help passing your ASE certification test, a book for your new hire estimators, or just to learn something new.  I encourage you to read the book.

WhatIs Covered In This Book?

An auto estimator needs to know a broad range of topics related to collision repair.  This book covers what you need to know to generate an estimate thoroughly and efficiently.  This book will actually go through the steps of writing an estimate, how to calculate it, how to deal with customers, and much more.  I’ve included a book members only website with the resources mentioned in the book.  I did this because I wanted the book to be easy to read and understand.  Not full of links and resources to get you off track.

Did You Know

The 2013 NATEF/ASE standards require ever collision repair NATEF accreditation area to teach 46 hours of auto estimating and customer service?

Will Reading This Book Guarantee That I Will Pass The ASE B6 Estimating Exam?

I am confident that this book will help you pass the exam.  I’ve passed it and I think I have some tips that will help you too.  However, I do not guarantee you that you will pass the exam.  I think that would be a phony line if I did guarantee you would pass.  This is not a ASE Test prep book, but it does include a web enhanced portion that has a lot of resources and test questions.  I believe the pass rate depends on the determination of the person taking the test.  I will tell you that I put a lot of thought and time into this book and course.  The quizzes are ASE style (Estimator A, Estimator B, True False) and the questions are aligned with this book, which will help you understand auto estimating.  However, the questions are not actual ASE test questions.

 What Qualifies You To Write a Book?

I am a Master ASE certified collision repair instructor.  I have been involved with the collision repair industry for a long time.  I graduated WyoTech in 1988 and have worked in the industry, including an auto estimator, ever since then.  The biggest qualification I have is that I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have with others who are willing to learn.  I do not claim to know everything, but the years of experience, training, knowledge, and my opinions are shared with you in the book.

How Do I Get Started?

That is the easy part!  You can have instant access to the book and the web enhanced course.  All you need to do is click the button below and for a ridiculously low cost, it’s all yours.

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What If I Change My Mind Or Don’t Like The Book?

No problem, the book is covered with Amazon’s return policy.  If you are not satisfied, have Amazon refund your money.  So read the book to see for yourself, if you like it, great, and if not, that’s alright too.  Sound good?

What If I Don’t Own A Kindle To Read The Book?

Again, that is no problem.  There are apps to download for free for whatever devise you have.  If you have a computer, laptop, apple, windows, tablet, or smart phone, you can get the Kindle download and read it with no problem.  Click here to download app.

 Quizzes, Videos, Resources

After buying this book, you will be given a password on the resource page to access the members only web enhanced course.  There you will find quizzes on each chapter of the book.  The quizzes are written ASE style to help prepare for the ASE certification test.
I also have created and found some excellent video to share with you that I believe you will find useful for auto estimating.  I did not want to trash the book up with a lot of website links, but all of the resources mentioned in the book are located in this website as well.

You Will Learn About

Chapter 1: The Auto Repair Estimate and Estimating Environment

  • Auto Repair Estimatesvideoscribe.pdf estimate
  • Supplements
  • Methods Used To Write Estimates
  • The Sequence of Writing an Estimate
  • Who Needs Estimates
  • Setting Up The Estimating Environment
  • Tools Needed To Generate Auto Estimates

 Chapter 2: The Big Picture

  • front bumper cover off.001Gathering The Information
  • Making The Process As Painless As Possible For The Customer
  • Claim and Accident Report
  • Initial Walk Around Inspection
  • Taking Photos
  • Predetermined Accident Sequence
  • Inspecting Hidden Damage

 Chapter 3: Vehicle Damage

  • Direct and Indirect Damagesides of vehicle.015
  • 5 Zones of Damage
  • Prior Damage
  • Betterment
  • Types of Frame Damage (sideway, sag, mash, diamond, twist)
  • Inspecting Structural and Non-Structural Damage
  • Inspecting Mechanical, Suspension, and Electrical Damage
  • Inspecting The Paint Finish
  • Inspecting Interior, Restraint System, and Accessories
  • Determining To Repair or Replace
  • Types of Steels, Plastic, and Composites
  • Fasteners

 Chapter 4: The Necessary Parts of an Estimate

  • sides of vehicle.072Record Customer Information
  • Record Vehicle Make and Model
  • Record and Decode VIN
  • Record Production Date
  • Record Vehicle Mileage
  • Record Date of Accident
  • Locate and Record Paint Code
  • Record Insurance Information
  • Nomenclature – The Parts of a Vehicle
  • Estimating Sequence When Inspecting Damage
  • Understanding The Procedure Pages
  • OEM Recommended Procedures

 Chapter 5: Labor Rates and Labor Times

  • How Estimating Guide Labor Times Are Determinedrepair or replace.001
  • Repair Shop Labor Rate
  • Understanding Estimating Times in Tenths
  • Labor Categories – Body, Refinish, Mech., Structural
  • Judgement Labor TIme
  • Adding Non-Included Operations
  • Getting Paint For Non-Included Operations
  • General Non-Included Operations
  • Increase Shop Prophets
  • Sublet Work

 Chapter 6: Types of Parts

  • OEM Parts
  • Availability of Parts
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • CAPA Certified Parts
  • Used Parts
  • Remanufactured, Rebuilt, and Reconditioned Parts

 Chapter 7: Calculating The Labor and Material Cost

  • Deducting For Paint Overlap
  • Adding For Clear Coat
  • Adding For Tri-Coat
  • Adding For Two-Tone
  • Calculating Material Cost
  • Adding Non-Included Material Cost

 Chapter 8: Generating The Estimate

  • Analyzing The Damage To Complete Inspection
  • Generating A Computerized Estimate
  • Disputing Estimating Guide Operation Using DEG.
  • What Is A Total Loss Vehicle?

 Chapter 9: Vehicle Damage

  • Sections of A Vehicle
  • Sides of A Vehicle
  • Frame Types: (Body Over Frame, Unibody, Space Frame)
  • Crush Zones

 Chapter 10: Customer Service and Sales

  • Making A Good First Impression
  • What Customers Want
  • Don’t Sell The Wrong Benefits
  • Dealing With Angry Customers
  • Good Communications
  • Methods To Communicate
  • Dressing The Part
  • Explaining The Processes To The Customer
  • Don’t Judge Your Customers and Miss Sales

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The book is a ridiculous low price, but filled with years of experience and information you will not find anywhere else.

So fire up your Kindle, iPad, or Electronic Device and get ready for a journey to learn about the world of auto estimating.

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