Tips For Spraying Chip Foose’s Bronze Paint

chip foose bronze paint.001

In this video, Logan is demonstrating how to apply: self etch primer, primer sealer, Chip Foose Signature Bronze base coat, and clear coat. This paint is made by BASF and was given to me to try out.  I am not real familiar with this line of paint, but it sprayed fine and looked great.  Logan…
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New PPG Fast Dry Clear Coat: DC 2000 Ultra Velocity Clear

We tried the new PPG DC 2000 Ultra Velocity clear coat to see how it works.  Brandon, a BCC collision repair student, was at the last minute trying to get his Blazer completed before we took our Christmas break.  Lucky for us, out paint suppliers had dropped off a quart of a new fast dry…
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BCC Takes Another Step Towards Teaching Green Technology and Providing a Cleaner and Safer Learning Environment

EuroVac Body Shop Vacuum System

BCC take another step towards teaching green technology by using a Eurvac system and waterborne paint. This provides a cleaner and safer training facility for the collsion repair program.


Butler Students Learning Auto Body and Paint Basics

In this video, you will see a few of the things the students at Butler are learning how to do.  It is hard to find time to take photos and video clips of every job, but this will give you an idea of what we do. Students are doing everything from spot jobs to complete…
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BCC Team 1 – Ford Pickup Project

Ford Pickup

The second project we started on in class is a 2001 Ford Pick-up.  Here is a photo of the pickup before we started the work.