Elite Auto Body’s First Week

Elite Auto Body opened on August 1st in El Dorado Kansas. They are located on 520 South Main. They proudly served 10-12 estimates to customers their first week and have already scheduled 3! The community is pleased with the appearance of the office, as well as the services they are receiving. The El Dorado Times posted an article about the Auto Body Shop on the fourth of August. You can also see their ad in the El Dorado Shoppers Guide every Wednesday for the next nine weeks. Elite is offering Collision Repair, Repairs on Insurance Claims, Auto Body and Paint Work, also Auto & Boat Detailing. We will keep you posted on the news in the shop!


  1. Great job! 3 schedule jobs the first week is an excellent way to start off.

  2. I was very surprised at the amount of customers for being the first week, but I’m not complaining one bit!

  3. Unfortunately, I posted a response to another post of yours, but I meant to post it in response to this one. In case you do not see the other one, I will post it again here:

    The first thing I would like to say is congratulations! There is no question that this is a wonderful time to start your own shop, and as long as you have clearly defined goals, a team of superstars, the right plan, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you’ll have a wonderful future ahead of you.

    By the way, the thing that caught my eye with your post was the name of your company. I am with Elite Worldwide (, and I will be presenting two management seminars at NACE this year. I really do wish you the best of success with your new shop, and I sense you’ll go right to the top.

    Congratulations again!


  4. Thanks Bob! We really are keeping customer satisfaction our number one goal. I think a lot of businesses now have made profits number one instead of customer satisfaction. Without customer satisfaction how will you ever get that person to come back to your business to bring the profits in? These are the things I think about to help improve our shop everyday. Thanks again Bob, I appreciate your post.

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