How to Custom Paint Your Car For the Home Professional

How to Custom Paint Your Car For the Home Professional

How to Custom Paint Your Car For the Home Professional
By Issobel Langley

Which should you choose? Well, if you are anything like most car owners, it will be the cheap, quick-fix. Many rely on a wax to make their second-hand cars shine. And wax often works well for about a week or two. After that, the car will go back to looking old and faded again. Not to mention the fact that waxing a vehicle takes an awful lot of time and energy. Do you really want to waste your entire Saturday afternoon on a temporary solution?

If the answer is no, the only viable option is a new paint job, or a new car. As you may have guessed, both can be expensive. The average custom car paint at an auto body shop can easily cost over two to three thousand pounds. Then there are auto painting chains that offer the service for about half the price. But like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Since the chain stores use inferior paints and less skilled employees, you should expect a cheaper, less durable paint job.

That is where I come in. As an expert in the field of auto painting, I would like to introduce you to yet another paint job option. In short, I would like to recommend that you do the work on your own. Now, before you shake your head and dismiss the idea out of hand, take a moment to hear me out.

First, I want to tell you that custom car paint is not the work of a trained artist. There is no special talent or set of unique abilities that make one person a master when it comes to auto painting. All it really takes are the right tools, the right teacher, and a little bit of practice.

The tools? Well, that’s easy. They can be purchased for less than two hundred pounds at any auto parts store. The teacher? That’s where I come in. The only thing that is required of you is practice and patience. So, if you are willing, I give you my personal guarantee that you will be able to apply professional custom car paint after only a few weeks of practice.

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